In partnership with change leading organizations and individuals, we invest in:

  • Companies in their early stages
  • That are highly innovative
  • Located anywhere in the world
  • With the potential to lead significant changes

We focus on our three themes:

We live and consume as if we had an additional 50% of the planet. When the population reaches 9 billion people, many with greater consumption capacity, we will need significantly higher efficiency and productivity for food, water, energy and housing.

We are currently investing in smart materials, digital construction, reduction and use of greenhouse gases, and fossil fuel substitution. In the future, we will also invest in clean water, energy generation, storage and transmission and agriculture.

Currently, there are 1.4 billion people suffering from obesity in the world and almost 1 billion who go to bed hungry. Predominant education models inhibit curiosity, creativity and diversity. Health systems are mostly limited in coverage, economically deficient and focus on treating patients rather than ensuring wellbeing. 

We are currently investing in healthcare, prevention and wellbeing. 

In the future, we will also invest in education and nutrition.

We live in a time of increasing intolerance, discrimination and violence; of distrust in the economic systems that we have created in the last decades and alarming levels of inequality.

We are currently investing in financial services and B2B software solutions.

In the future, we will invest in access to information technology, mobility, urbanism, and government transparency.


Advisory Committee

Juan Rafael Pérez

CEO BTG Pactual Colombia

He began his career in Valores Bancolombia was as a Financial Advisor, Head of International Investments and Portfolio Manager. Later, he became Head of Private Banking at Bolsa y Renta. Currently he’s the CEO of BTG Pactual Colombia.

Mauricio Camargo

Director & Co-founder Altra Investments

Mauricio is Director and Co-founder of Altra Investments, a private equity firm established in 2005 that focused primarily in the Andean Region. With offices in Bogotá and Lima, Altra has over USD 500 million under management and has invested in fifteen companies in differents sectors. Before founding Altra Investments, he worked for McKinsey & Company for eleven years where he led the Bogotá office.

Manuel Maiguashca

Director & Co-founder
Cerrito Capital

Manuel has worked as a credit analyst at Banco Colomboamericano, was the head of administration of the Foreign Trade office at Gobernación del Valle, advisor at the Ministry of Finance, financial consultant for Citilan (telecommunications company in Buenos Aires), Deputy Minister of Mines and Energy and partner at Cerrito Capital.

Has belonged to the Boards of Directors of ISAGEN, ISA, FEN, Ecopetrol and currently is part of the Board of Olmue Colombia and advises Macquarie Adviser, a private equity fund.


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